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Relocation process can be really complicated and stressful for employees as well as for the people surrounding them. Helping an expatriate and the family find a new home and settle into the new community is critical for the success of an expatriate assignment.

Quickly moving into a suitable home will therefore ensure that the employee returns to pre-move productivity levels as soon as possible, which is important for the new working environment he/she is about to settle into.

Working in close coordination with all the well known real-estate agencies, we simplify the home finding process because this enables us access to the whole real-estate market. After gathering specific information about the requirements and after consulting our clients, we organize the viewing of properties with 5 or 6 different agencies without visiting properties that are unsuitable for you.
This way we simplify the procedure, which is more cost and time efficient.

After the client chooses a suitable property we negotiate the rent and the lease agreement and follow the process through to the day client moves in his/her new home.
We make certain that the rental conditions are clear and understandable, take care about guaranty deposits and documents requirements and also conduct pre-occupancy inspection.

During the stay in the rented property, in case of encountering any problems, we are there for our clients to help them any way we can.
High Class Relocation support is here for you during your entire stay in our beautiful country!

Let us help you and enjoy your relocation!