About us

Unique relocation service

High Class Relocation is a unique service specialized in providing professional relocation solutions for companies and their international employees relocating to Croatia. By working in close coordination with human resources official at the company, we simplify relocation for both the company and the employees, yet providing a personalized and meticulous service, so that the employees feel as comfortable as possible during their transition from their home country to Croatia.

Full service capabilities​

High Class Relocation is a company with full-service capabilities: our unique agility allows us to meet any relocation need while offering highly personalized service. Our assistance refers to clients ranging from small, emerging market companies to developed multinational corporations and embassies with highly sophisticated demands.

Analyzing client needs​

We begin by gaining a thorough understanding of our client’s business objectives and the role relocation plays in achieving them. We thoroughly evaluate each employee’s needs before their move to Croatia, we analyze the differences between their former environment and the Croatian one, trying to prepare the employee and family for their expatriate assignment and for being immersed in another culture.

Monitoring and support​

Moreover, we keep a close connection with the employees’ company to offer the information they need to monitor their relocation activity, answer questions and make educated business decisions. Custom reporting allows us to both compile relevant information and keep key personnel informed at all stages of the relocation process.

Trusted clients avisor​

As business is dynamic, relocation services need to be as well. Whether it involves changes in real estate law or changes in national employment regulations, we serve as trusted advisors to our clients, making the ongoing policy and process recommendations that ensure compliance and employment productivity.

Our mission and vision​

Our Vision is to be Croatia’s leading provider of relocation services. Our Mission is to build trusted relationships with our clients, by providing superior services based on professionalism, respect, reliability and on a culture of continual learning, adaptability and discovery. We care for our clients and believe that they deserve only High Class services in their relocation.