Relocation service

Relocation service is a unique service specialized in providing professional relocation solutions for companies and their international employees relocating to Croatia. It is created exclusively for clients arriving to work and live in Croatia and looking for their new home in Zagreb.

We cooperate with some of Croatia’s best real estate agencies in order to present our clients overview of more then 90% of properties that are currently on the market.

By working in close coordination with human resources official at the company, we simplify relocation for both the company and the employees, yet providing a personalized and meticulous service, so that the employees feel as comfortable as possible during their transition from their home country to Croatia.

Some of the services we provide are home search management, school search, pre move-orientation tour, settling in services, airport pick-up/drop off, departure services etc., about which you can find more information in the sub-directory.

Please note that Relocation Services are not synonymous with moving/relocation companies as not all of these companies offer “relocation services”. We are not dealing with house-hold goods moving as in term of moving personal belongings. We are dealing with relocating “life” from one part of the world to Croatia.

Let us help you and enjoy your relocation!